Motor Strike in Kerala

Today’s strike was a weird one – first they told us there will be strike. Then they decide not to strike. Then they decide they will have one anyway. Unlike the previous strikes that I have reported, in this there were no parallel transport – with the exception of a few state run KSRTC buses. […]

ISRO Brings back Satellite from Space

ISRO(Indian Space Research Organization) have successfully recovered a space capsule on January 22, 2007. From Hindu In a pathbreaking event heralding its arrival as a space power with capability to recover an orbiting satellite, India today successfully brought back a spacecraft to earth, giving a new impetus to the proposed manned mission to space in […]

Autorickshaw Race

This is a report of the Wired Magazine – I never knew autorickshaws were that famous… Balakrishnan is the official mechanic of the Indian Autorickshaw Challenge, a contest intended to transform his country’s back-alley drag racing craze into an internationally recognized sport (or, more likely, spectacle). India’s Autorickshaw Challenge

The Best of 2006

I have spent almost the entire day today going through the post at If you have the time, got through them. My personal favorites(in no particular order) were… The language of The Simpsons. Implanting magnets in your fingertips gives you a sixth magnetic sense. Billionaire Steve Wynn pokes a hole in one of his […]

Happy New Year

2006 was a great year for me – got a lot of things done. Created lot of sites, and made it a paying job. I just hope 2007 would be just as good – if not better. I hope that this case is true in your life too. If not, hey, its another year. Some […]