An American Living in India

What it’s like to be an American living in India. Indian’s ask it from one perspective and American’s ask it from another. Rather than my typical rambling, half-thought-through, theme-based article, I’ve decided to write this as a rambling, half-thought-through FAQ about my life in India. Kevin Barnes have been living in India for a while. […] having problems…

Remember the problems with google? Right after that I notice another site with problems – The main page shows this error message… What is happening? What are you favorite conspiracy theories about these sudden outages? The tubes got flooded? American elections impact on the interwebs? I think it is Microsoft’s fault. Somehow.

Google Problems…

Google seems to be having some problems – people are getting logged out of their gtalk chat from gmail accounts. I was not able to recreate this error. But I noticed that it is taking very long for the home page( to respond. Unnaturally long. Anyway, it seems to be working fine now. And the […]

Bus Strike is Over

After one week, the bus owners have decided that it is enough. The bus strike has been called of. As Kochuthresiamma P .J pointed out in the comments, it is very said that we had to celebrate Kerala Piravi during a bus strike. That says something.