Bought New Computer – AMD X2

I bought a new system today – the configuration is… Component Brand Price Processor AMD 64bit X2 4100 Motherboard Asrock MB AM2NF6G-VSTA 2800 RAM DDR2 RAM 1GB(677) x 2 7160 = 3580×2 Hard Disk Seagate SATA HDD 160 GB 2475 Cabinet Cabinet KM 1250 Optical Drive DVD Writer Sony 1750 UPS UPS 500A Wipro 1683 […]

Bought “The Mythical Man-Month”

I have been meaning to by “The Mythical Man-Month” by Frederick P Brooks for some time now. Yesterday, I read a post on how to be a better programmer which recommended this book. That was the tipping point for me. Today, I went to Ernakulam and bought this book. I bought it from “Computer Book […]

PTR or Partial Time Reversal

In the last post, I promised to show you the way to beat KSEB and their nefarious schemes. I called that method TTR – or Total Time Reversal. But in the days between the promise and this post, there is a small change in plans. I found that total time reversal was not for me […]

Power Struggle – Electricity, KSEB and Me

After my announcement about retirement from active rat racing, KSEB have begun a campaign to make me regret my decision. I can see them sitting in fancy chairs and stroking white felines saying stuff like So, Binny thinks he can escape the rat race, huh. We will show him, won’t we.<Evil laugh> After laughing for […]

Quit the Rat Race

The trouble with the rat race is that even if you win, you’re still a rat. Lily Tomlin A week ago, I quit the rat race. Now I am an freelance web developer. One week – no complaints yet. After two years of service, I decided to leave Reubro International. I joined there around March […]