My Brother’s Computer Woes

My brother and I have separate systems. Mine is a brand new AMD X2 system – but my brother is using a considerably older machine. Lately everything seems to go wrong with it. RAM First to go was the RAM. Simtronics 512 MB. One fine day the computer stopped booting. At first I had no […]

‘Top 5’ Group Writing Project

The ‘Top 5’ Group Writing Project at is over. Congragulations to all the participants – and of course, the winner. I did not go through all the entries – but I went through many. My favorite one was Top 5 Youtube Movies that will Change Your Life! You have to see ‘Double Slit Experiment‘ […]

Upgrading WordPress

I am going to upgrade the WordPress software used in this blog. Expect some down time. I am upgrading from 2.0.1 to 2.1.3 Since I have a lot of WordPress sites, it will be more easier to manage if I use the same version everywhere. I will let you know after the upgrade is over. […]

One Liners

I am a big fan of ‘one liners’ – a joke in a single line. If you want to read jokes, I recommend that you get one liners – they are a joke every line. And often they are much better than other types of jokes. Creativity is great, but plagiarism is faster. A Black […]