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If you have already subscribed to my Bin-Blog feed, I apologize for this post – this will be redundant for you. For those who don’t read my other blog, I have 2 things to say to you…

LinDesk is created so that I don’t have to dump all my Linux articles on Bin-Blog. What, you didn’t know I use Linux? How long have you been reading this blog?

Anyway, now I have six blogs…

/me thinks I am heading for a burnout.

One thing to consider here is that I am the single author – there are no other writers, no guest writers(yet). Yes, I am a freelancer, so I have enough time to write the content – but still having six sites puts some pressure on you.

What do you think? How many blogs should a guy have? One? Two? Multitudes?

Problogger Darren Rose thinks that having many blogs is a Bad Thing – do you agree?


  1. Congrats for the new site 🙂

  2. schizo says:

    Hey is it realy you writitng the linux blog, you sound so different there,

    a comparison of the various audio player, audio ripping MP3 player compatibility etc will be nice

    Blog on


  3. BinnyVA says:


    Its me all right.

  4. […] I said in the last post, I now have six sites. But having six sites is not enough – it must have content. To pressurize myself to create the […]

  5. Marc says:

    Six?! I think you should have two. One for all the tech stuff and one for all the personal stuff.

    It’s really hard to maintain six of them and after a while it’ll start feeling like work.

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