Kerala Bloggers Interview

Kerala Bloggers is a blog about bloggers from Kerala (where you expecting something else?). They interviewed me recently. Binny VA is an expert freelance programmer from Cochin. He currently runs a lot of blogs related to technology and programming details of which you can find at his homepage. He is also an editor at DMOZ […]

Metropolis : The Film

Yesterday I saw a film – Metropolis. I still have no idea how I sat through the whole film. Not that it is a bad film – it is credited by many as a great milestone. Still, I could not enjoy it a bit. These are the reason for that… It was black and white […]

My Brother’s Computer Woes

My brother and I have separate systems. Mine is a brand new AMD X2 system – but my brother is using a considerably older machine. Lately everything seems to go wrong with it. RAM First to go was the RAM. Simtronics 512 MB. One fine day the computer stopped booting. At first I had no […]