Kerala Bloggers Interview

Kerala Bloggers is a blog about bloggers from Kerala (where you expecting something else?). They interviewed me recently.

Binny VA is an expert freelance programmer from Cochin. He currently runs a lot of blogs related to technology and programming details of which you can find at his homepage. He is also an editor at DMOZ directory (TCL/TK). We thank Binny for sparing time for this interview.

Technology/programming blogs by Binny VA

The other bloggers interviewed so far are…

2 thoughts on “Kerala Bloggers Interview

  1. Please be careful of such sites inviting interviews from Kerala bloggers. Most bloggers I know have declined their invite as they dont show any antecedents in their site. I left a comment to this effect in your interview and it was deleted by them. Very suspicious.

  2. Thanks for the suggestion. However I am not sure how they could take advantage of an interview. And all bloggers are waiting for an opportunity to get more exposure – this interview is exactly that. I really don’t see an issue with the interview.

    That said, the fact that they deleted the comment is suspicious. Also, I send an email offering to interview them after my interview. In that email I did ask them to introduce themselves. I never got a reply. And another suspicious thing is that they don’t have an about page. Odd.

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