– My Seinfeld Calendar

As I said in the last post, I now have six sites. But having six sites is not enough – it must have content. To pressurize myself to create the content, I have created another site – BinnyVA basically aggregates all my feeds and shows them in a calendar. The idea is to use […]

Left Handed Words – The Finale

In my last post, I explained my intrest in finding words that can be typed using just the left hand on a qwerty keyboard. Apparently I am not alone in my quest. Many others also have tried to solve the same mystry. A few that came to my attention are… A text file with all […]

Free Remote Version of Online Sudoku Script

The script for Online Sudoku is available for use on any website free of charge in the GPL license. Considering the fact that many people have used my script, I think it is time to make it easier for even more to use it. I will provide two different version of Online Sudoku. Code Version […]