Free Remote Version of Online Sudoku Script

The script for Online Sudoku is available for use on any website free of charge in the GPL license. Considering the fact that many people have used my script, I think it is time to make it easier for even more to use it. I will provide two different version of Online Sudoku.

Code Version
You should download and run it from your site. To use this version, you should download the zip file and publish it in your own site. This would make it difficult to use with various blogging platforms like Blogger, WordPress etc. The main advantage of this approch is that you can customise this code as you see fit.
Remote Version
You just have to place a bit of HTML code in your page and the sudoku puzzle will appear on that site. This is done by use the script on my site remotely – so the visitors will see the script inside your page. The puzzle you see below is an example of this.

This will make it easy to include the Sudoku Puzzle in blog posts, Profile pages, etc. All you have to do is include this HTML code in your site…

<iframe src=""
height="420" width="540" scrolling="auto" frameborder="0" 

If you want to customise the script, this will not be of great use to you – you will need the code version.

The result will be this…

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