Indian ISPs Block blogspot, geocities and Typepad

I heard some bad news about Indian ISPs blocking many sites – namely, and I have tried to access my site using three different ISPs – but I cannot get a connection to it.

This will sound a little strange to you, but I hope they did it by accident. I mean, it is very stupid if someone have ‘accidentally’ disabled access to tens of thousands of pages of information, but it is still better than denying information on purpose.

I think that this might be the result of the 7/11 Mumbai bombings. The government wants to block a few sites that belongs to some terrorist groups in blogspot or geocities. So the Department of Telecommunications (DoT) passed an order to ISPs Friday to block these websites. Someone messes up and disables the entire domains instead of just the sites.

But even I think that it is too optimistic – how can every ISPs make the same mistake? I could understand if one or two ISP made this mistake – but all of them? No – if there is a mistake, it is made by DoT.

Whatever happened, I hope that they fix it soon – I have made a lot of investments in creating and I don’t want to lose it because some government guy doesn’t know how the net works.

Anyway, the big guys have took up the story – it won’t be long before the story gets into mainline media. So far, I have seen the story on slashdot , digg and boingboing.


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