Got Tata Broadband

I got the Tata broadband connection yesterday – that was fast. I was expecting at least one week wait before getting the connection.


  • Aug 25, Fri – Took the connection, paid for it.
  • Aug 26, Sat – Tata phoned to confirm the address/phone number etc.
  • Aug 27, Sun – Holiday(?)
  • Aug 28, Mon – Tata phoned us to confirm that they will be coming on the next day
  • Aug 29, Tue – Tata engineres came, and hooked us up.
  • Aug 30, Wed(Today) – Posted the news on the blog.

Total time between payment and connection : 5 Days(1 day holiday)

By Indian standards, that is blazing fast. I am sorry that I could not post this yesterday – I was busy interneting(new word! Wohoo!!)

Connection Speed

I did a online test for speed and I got 106 kbps(at night) – that is much better than what I expected to get for a 128kbps. I expected something like 50-70kbps. Of course, I had rather low expectation. Important lesson here – never, ever, think that you will be getting the speed the sales agents have promised – those number have no relation to reality whatsoever(think Bistromathic Drive from Hitchhiker’s Guide). Being a pessimist have some fringe benefits – you are rarely dissappointed.


I must admit I was slightly alarmed by some anti-tata articles on the net like…

I had a difficult time finding good reviews about Tata – this is the only one I could find – Broadband service in Bangalore, even thought I have got some OK reviews from my friends.

But what do I know – I am new to broadband. Right now, I like it and will recommend it. However, I may change my opinion when I try to get some customer support.

16 thoughts on “Got Tata Broadband

  1. Hi Nahyan, please let us know your location as well – I have had some reports that support will vary according to your location. By the way, I am still happy with my TATA Connection.

  2. We had tata indicom broadband connection for around 6 months or so.its nothing like broadband. its worse than dial up. The signal strength is weak. sometimes it will go off for around 2 mins like that. so again we have to connect again. Again after 10 mins, again it goes off. First they told its because of voltage. Though we didn’t agree as the router required only 9V but we bought a stabilizer for router :(. It got better to some extent. instead of 10 mins not it was some 20 mins connection used to go off.
    We moved to new location and shifted our its totally horrible.Our frustation is at its peak. we are not able to browse properly. Now i go to browsing center to access the net.

    is there any other option? even if the speed is less atleast it should be constant not get off.

  3. Hi friends,

    This is Arnab – am a UNIX admin in an MNC in Bangalore. After my marriage (6 months back)i had to shift to a bigger house and unfortunately after i settled down i found NO other connection other than TATA (just a side note – that is exactly what TATA targets – providing connections at places where users dont have an alternative). I need to have Internet 24/7 for my work as i am oncalls sometime. I took the 2Mbps 5 GB limit – after 27 phone calls the cables were installed. I didnt know what i was stepping into. The person showed me the speed was more than 1.6 Mbps – wow i was so happy at that point of time

    Next week the speed went down to 12kbps – that is in the month of June 07 and it has remained till 12kbps till the time the connection was active. I called the customer care 100+ times in a span of 3 months and NO response – everytime the CC people told me “they will get back to you within 1/2 hr”

    I could still live with that as i could still get my work done. In the month of August from 8th till 14th, i started seeing huuuuge downloads on my account
    I called the CC immediately and told them about it. As usual no actions had been taken – the logs showed i downloaded 2+ GB of data everyday – imagine – at a speed of 12kbps, when i was NOT at my home, TATA claims i download 2-3 GB data everyday? Also the downloads were at the time when i was not at home (i was in office) or after midnight. i thought the connection got hacked – but then the sales rep told me its bound to my MAC id. Also it was not a case of hacking becase with that speed it was not possible to download 2-4 GB within a span of 11 Hrs. They sent me a bill of 18500 and made my connection inactive.

    In short:From 14th august till yesterday i have made 100+ calls and everyone told someone will come to your house and check it – the connection is still inactive, i have a pending bill of 18500, no one has got time to come to my house to check it for the last 62 days

    On 3rd of October, 2007 – someone called me from TATA and said and i quote “i suggest you pay the bill or we will have to make you pay”

    I called up the customer care again and went to the VSNL office travelling for 15 Kms and spoke to a lady who called the number back (from where the threatning call came) but the person acted as if he never even called me

    Oct 23rd Oct, 2007 at around 4:00 went to TATA office in Jeevan Bhima nagar and spoke to a person there who said it has to be a backend problem and the TATA fellows started laughing listening to my bill amount (lol imagine)
    Also i found that they automatically activated the connection and raised my bill to 19799. gosh!

    On 23rd Oct 2007 i went to TATA office in Woods Street, Bangalore at 5:15 – but the office was empty – everyone already left for home (on a tuesday by 5 the manager left – no wonder their service is superb)

    I called the Manager on 24th oct,2007 (today) and asked if he can check the server logs and let me know whats going on – he said he does not know all those things – all he knows is the bill came to 19799 and i have to pay that. Also he assured that he will take out that extra 1200 that they added “by mistake” (another false commitment)

    We are forming a group against TATA and going to put them up in court for all this – please mail me if possible and lets start the revolution

    DO NOT TAKE TATA – its a nightmare – i m now getting THREATNING CALLS FROM TATA to pay 18500 which i have not used. I have been to VSNL office in bangalore too still no actions has been taken

    We are forming a group against TATA and going to put them up in court for all this – please mail me if possible and lets start the revolution

    Mail me at sen.arnab@gmail – i can also pass you my number if needed

  4. Mr.Arnab Sen by studying ur problem i am veryworried about like u only i worried at the voice calls billll not on the internet bill. when u r tryingto put the case on the tata in the court . you will never win in the case on the brand name of the tata company because they can talk and manage any one in thsi country and u are a employer inthis country. so try to put to case on the persons where u went and where u asked about the bill and where the response u did not get, and also on the CC. because , generally any service proviser (tata, airtel……..etc) will prepare the palns and equipment and provide tender for dealers to run thier business. but what actually going is suppose i have a company like viawer telecom services, and i called u for dealer ships and u came for dealer ship , i will take money (1time, profit+non profit ===50 lakhs) from u and provide connections .so now what u will do to get ur minimum deposit money u will start business and there onwards the customers will suffer whhat u described above Arnab Sen. so my idea is if u interested to put case means do not put on branded comapny, put on hte persons who hurted u and not taken action.try to use the any software that htey are hacking ur system i waitng of for ur reply.

  5. Its just not TATA, every telecom or broadband company has the same pathetic story.

    Right from the day 30-Jun-08 till date these guys have been unable to resolve my compliant for cable.

    We are responsible for the sloopiness as we do not take them to court. We should make banners, print pamphlet & do a negative marketing against the malpractices.

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