Bus Strike is Over

Bus Strike

After one week, the bus owners have decided that it is enough. The bus strike has been called of. As Kochuthresiamma P .J pointed out in the comments, it is very said that we had to celebrate Kerala Piravi during a bus strike. That says something.

This week, a review…

On the whole it was not a bad week. It went something like this…

Day 1 : Monday

No bus, very little parallel transport. Could not get to work – so I took a leave, stayed home. This extra time was used to learn a bit about Ruby on Rails.

Day 2 : Tuesday

Started of late so that I could catch the peak time traffic. In theory, there are more parallel transport vehicles in this time. In practice, it is true – but also true is the fact that you will not be able to get into them as they are already full of people. Anyway, I managed to get to work using this method.

Day 3 : Wednesday

A colleague, Bijeesh, gave me a lift.

Day 4 : Thursday

Bijeesh could not make it that day – so I tried to get to work using parallel transport. No such luck – had to say home. Again, Ruby on Rails.

Day 5 : Friday

Some buses started operating in this day. By the end of the day, the strike was lifted. However, Bijeesh gave me a lift again. Thanks, Bijeesh.

In the news…

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