Indian College Students Face Bleak Prospects

Collage Education

The New York Times has written an article on the state of collages in India. From the article…

“In the 2001 census, [Indian] college graduates had higher unemployment — 17 percent — than middle or high school graduates… [At a middle-tier college] dozens of students swarmed around a reporter to complain about their education. ‘What the market wants and what the school provides are totally different,’ a commerce student said…. [A] final-year student who expects next year to make $2 to $4 a day hawking credit cards, was dejected. ‘The opportunities we get at this stage are sad,’ she said. ‘We might as well not have studied.'”

“We might as well not have studied”

Almost all the advantages I have today is because I did not go to collage when I had the opportunity. I decided to take the ‘less trodden’ path. I taught myself programming instead of being taught programming by people who could not get a job as a programmer. Don’t get me wrong – there are good teachers out there. But chances are that you won’t get one as your teacher.

I did some time as a IGNOU student – but I quit before I completed the course. The books were full of…

  • Unbelievably outdated content
  • Blatant inaccuracies
  • Useless stuff

There was a little bit of useful content – but you have to search real hard to find it.

What about you? How much of the stuff you learned in collage are you using in your job?

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