Delicious Popular Feed

If I subscribe to just one feed that will be the Popular Feed. That would give you an idea about what is happening on the net at this time. If any post gets promoted to the frontpage on Digg, that will show up here. If another post got a lot of attention on Reddit, it will appear on this feed.

Before you subscribe to this a word of warning – this feed has a lot of updates. Around 20 to 50 per day. That will easily overwhelm you. But there is an easy way to overcome this problem – Firefox. Just subscribe to the feed using the Live Bookmark feature of Firefox.

This is how I did it… Bookmark

  • Open the feed –
  • Subscribe to it using Firefox’s Live Bookmark feature.
  • Move the bookmark to the ‘Personal Toolbar Folder’
  • Now just click the bookmark link see all the links.

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