India is George Bush’s Pet

India, The Cat

India is George Bush’s Pet – literally! George Bush has a pet cat with the name India! Did you know that?

That is not the funny part – when people heard that George Bush has named a cat India, many people in a certain part of the India got very angry. So angry that they named their dogs Bush!

Any guess where this ‘certain part of India‘ is? Its my own good old Kerala! That made me laugh. Also there was effigy burning – but that no big deal – it happens twice every day here.

This is my question for you guys…

  1. Did you find the fact that Bush named a cat India offensive?
  2. Which state are you from(if you are from India)?

I just want to know if Keralites find stuff like that more offensive. And for the record – I am from Kerala – and I did not find it offensive. Funny, yes – but offensive, no.

10 thoughts on “India is George Bush’s Pet

  1. This is my question for you guys…

    1. Did you find the fact that Bush named a cat India offensive?
    2. Which state are you from(if you are from India)?

    NO. i dint find anything funny in that..
    well Mr. Manmohan can get a petdog named USA. it will be fun then.

    well. i am in TVM..

  2. This is ridiculous. Dogs are very loyal creatures. You cannot insult them in such a way (by naming them after Bush)!!!

  3. Well, not to say how George Bush is? He is a complete piece of shit. He said Indians eat alot. May be he eats less, but one thing is for sure that he farts alot.
    This one man has no common sense of how to manage things. He is one big racist.
    I wouldn’t blame all americans coz it is true that America got success due to its own efforts. But this one man can’t adjust the success. If he called his cat ‘India’ i would call my Dog ‘Ch***a Bush’ that is going to be the right terminology, and for you Mr. writer of this article. You think its funny but not offensive, then i have a feedback for you too. Stop making fun of India by counting on its weeknesses. Try and talk more about its success rate. As per a survey India’s GDP is going to be better then China, Russia and even USA. Start loving your country. I am sitting in Sydney, Australia but i dn’t make fun of India like others do. G

  4. Poor Bush cannot be blamed for naming his cat “India”, as he might have done it while he was insanely under the influence of adult beverage or when sleepwalking. Persons adjudicated insane are not accountable for any wrongdoing, and hence, we can treat it as fair enough.

    No less a person than William Shakespeare wondered, what’s in a name. And he had thus, What’s in a name? That which we call a rose by any other name would smell as sweet. Fair enough.

    Equally fair enough is Aamir Khan having nothing whatsoever to do with the naming of his dog as “Shahrukh”. Read what Aamir has to say on his Blog about his dog and other matters.

  5. me also from kerala , India. To the author.. if your neighbour named his dog/cat by the name of your mother.. How will you feel.We see India as our motherland so its quite reasonable if somebody feel insulted.

  6. Ha ha.. one of the funniest I have heard in a long time..

    As far as the effigy burning is concerned.. fellows there just require a pinch of news to be made into a controversy and strike.. so no surprise out here.

    On a positive note, I feel that it could be the love for our country India that made Mr. Bush call his sweet little cat “India”.

    just kiddin’


  7. The Bush cat wasn’t named after the country of India. She was named after Ruben Sierra, the baseball player who then played for the team that George W co-owned at the time. Sierra’s nickname was “El Indio” (a reference to his Native American heritage), so Bush’s daughter named the cat, who is female, the feminine form of the Spanish word.

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