A Broadband Connection in Cochin, Kerala – Tata, BSNL and Asianet

I have decided to take a broadband connection after slaving so long under a dialup. I have not got it yet, but I have booked it(I have even payed for it). The connection I am taking is 128kbps, Unlimited bandwidth and unlimited time from Tata(VSNL). Since I don’t know who good the connection is, I will be testing it for 3 months – if it is good enough, I will move to the 6 months scheme.

I was told that I will get the connection in two day(by Monday – 28th Aug, 2006), but I have read just too many reports of this being an empty promise in the blogsphere. A more realistic deadline will be two weeks.

My options for a broadband connection were…

There are more options(like Airtel, Reliance) – but these were the ones that was most recommended in my city(Cochin).


First I thought that Asianet was the best choice – but many of my coworkers who have this connection has been complaining about very slow speed. An advantage with this connection is that you get free cable – as the internet comes through the same cable that, well, cable TV comes through. So if you disconnect the internet and hook the cable to your TV, you get – cable TV. Series of tubes, people.

I don’t know wether this is legal – but I have heard reports of people doing this. Think of the effect this can have if you have a TV tuner card on you PC.

One major problem I have with this Asianet is its empty promises. If it promises free unlimited usage between 2 AM and 8 AM(off peak hours), chances are that you won’t be able to connect to the net at these time.


This is considered by many to be the best offer – the charge is considerably less than Tata and you can have if you have the omnipresent BSNL land phone. The reports I have heard says that it have good speed. One problem I have heard about this is that it cannot be trusted – if you have heard an offer that says internet is free between so and so hours, don’t fall for it – you will end up paying thousands of rupees that month. A cousin of mine fell for this – and had to pay 7000Rs that month.

Experiences with BSNL and their Internet Connections


Tata Indicom or Dishnet DSL or VSNL is the connection that I have picked. Many in the blogsphere have complained about that you have to wait a long time to get the connection(ie. the time between you paying up, and they bringing the cable to your house). Another major issue some have with it is their poor customer support. These two don’t affect me much. This is India, people. Wake up and smell the Apathy.

Some online complaints…

I will let you know when I get a connection, Till then, I will be crawling the web using my trusted Reliance Dialup.

110 thoughts on “A Broadband Connection in Cochin, Kerala – Tata, BSNL and Asianet

  1. TATA/VSNL has the worst customer support you’ll find, i am a freelancer and have missed atleast 3 deadlines because of these A******.
    we call up the Cust. support, those noobs have no idea whts going on, u get a complaint number and a ETA of 6-24 hours, u call after 24 hours(because issue hasn’t been resolved) , they will tell you that the issue has been resolved and closed (lol.). eventually it became part of my everyday routine to raise a complaint.
    then i finally decided to move on to BSNL.


    1. Do airtel have good coverage in Kochi.. when we see call their customer care first time …they would say that they have coverage and after few hours they will ring and tell that sorry that they do have coverage only till the previous lane in this place etc etc…

  2. hi, I’m coming for a one month vacation and I’ll be staying in Trichur and Palghat. Can you please tell me the best internet provider. I can go for it. I prefer to use the USB dongle where I can take it anywhere I want.

  3. Hi

    Can anybody tell me about the VOIP facility available in Kannur area. I need a US number through this facility so that my contacts in US can reach me at a local call rate.

    1. hallow i am vajpai from uae can you tell me which internet connection is cheeper and convinient for me. it it is your plz let me know the price and attractieves
      my house in kerala thrissure district venkitangu panchayath

  4. Asia net Cable tV is very poor,may better than local operators if any (asia net puchised)
    I have lost 2 computers and one TV
    by using the ASia net net work
    by the electric surge
    No proper surge protecton intheier cable line
    complined for compensation to the chittoor road office
    no reply

  5. i am using bsnl broadband fairly well. The plan is home combo plan. We can use 1.gb free. no phone rent and there are 175 free calls per month. more over 2 am to 8am it is free and unlimited. you can check the usage at any time. i dont know how ur cousin got so much amount

  6. Did you get any feedback. I am also looking for broadband wireless connection (VSNL or Relliance). Coould you help me with how much will be the cost of the modem and the monthly rent or any other charges if any.

  7. Planning a visit to trivandrum for 2 months. Can someone tell me whats the best temporary option for 2 months broadband at home?
    Also a bit about usb broadband that can be connected to laptop.
    thanks in advance
    jayan b mindsport@hotmail.com

  8. I have tried pretty much everyting. They are all bad. But relatively, I think BSNL is better and cheaper. If you download movies etc, take the one with the night unlimited. You get about 1.5 mbps and there is no limti on downloads between 2 AM and 8 AM. I also understand that they are going to come with new cheaper unlimited plans 512 kbs and 1 mbps that would be reasonable if you have a lot of downloads. I also used to have the 256 kbps unlimited from BSNL. It was pretty good. If there is service problem, it takes 2-3 days to fix it.

  9. Also, they say Airtel is good. I have a connection in Bangalore (but only BSNL in Cochin) and they are very good. No disconnections and very fast service. I hope they are as good in Cochin. They now have very attractive unlimited plan which is the cheapest in the market (BSNL says they will beat it soon)

  10. I came to Tvm, Kerala for a period of few months.Had a horrendous experience with Reliance internet connection.I deposited the initial amount,Rs 500 and they were very prompt in collecting the cash!!
    After that no trace or sign of anybody!Whenever you call,there is no answer/If you go to the office,there are loads of college goers,always chatting on mobiles,who apprently are the Reliance staff.Anywayafter ,25 days of no response,they informed me that in my area,connection is not available.They took 25 days,to realise that!!!
    Anyway,I took back my deposit,and took another connection with no worries!!!

  11. hey man u r wrong..the best broadband connection available in kerala is asianet..since it has got a good customer care support & also the speed offered by asianet is soo high that other providers cannot give..in a 2mbps asianet connection i get 600kbps download speed.in controrary the 2mbps bsnl will give a speed of maximum upto 2oo kbps only..the plans offered by asianet is soo good..

  12. I have a complaint about my land line connection from bsnl ,somany times I have given complaint to the telephone exchange but there is no responds from their side. How and where can I give further complaints.Avaiting for your kind advice.

  13. @ Pradeep,
    There are some 10 customer care numbers given on the telephone Bill. try calling all of them. If you are lucky (that’s a big If) someone will pick up atleast one number. Then you must say” i AM REALLY ANGRY AT YOUR SERVICES, i HAVE CALLED ALL THE 10 NUMBERS IN YOUR BILL FOR THE LAST 45 MINUTES AND NOBODY PICKED UP AND I HAVE TO GIVE A WRITTEN COMPLAINT”. The moment they hear ” written complaint” they’ll get things fixed…else they willl drag it for ever. BSNL’s customer service is the worst i have encountered till date because nobody ever picks up the stupid phone !! Unless you are really rude to them, they wont respond. So get pissed and start dialling 🙂

  14. I shifted to Tata indicom’s 1100 a month plan. A 100% satisfied customer. They activated the connection the day I ordered. That too with just a phone call. Didn’t have to write any written request nothing. So far the customer care has also been amazingly personal and efficient. I would recommend Tata Indicom to all those who are being abused by BSNL !!!

    A big thanks to binny for his timely Advice

  15. Hi mate,
    I will be coming on this 20th to Thrissur for 6 weeks vacation. Could any of you please suggest me which is the best option to have a broadband at my home for this short period. I prefer to use wireless high speed broadband connection. I can bring wireless modem router along with me.

  16. Hi mate,
    I will be coming on this 20th to Thrissur for 6 weeks vacation. Could any of you please suggest me which is the best option to have a broadband at my home for this short period. I prefer to use wireless high speed broadband connection. I can bring wireless modem router along with me.
    PERTH, Australia

  17. i want inter connection,broadband or dsl, just for chating purpose, which is the best provider with reasonable package, my location in kerala is TIRUR, Post, Purathur,Malappuram Dist, pls advice

  18. Asianet is the worst internet connection in Kochi. Poor speed and customer support. I would suggest

    1. Airtel
    2. Reliance
    3. BSNL
    4. Tata Indicom

  19. Hi, I would like to know if there is a wireless broadband connection facility available in Karingappara area in Tirur, Malappuram District ?.

  20. Please advise me how i can get a usb most cheap one for the use in Laptop-Is it Reliance/BSNL/Asianet (range Rs 200-300 pm How does it work throughout or night time any concession please help

  21. Please advise me how i can get a usb most cheap one for the use in Laptop-Is it Reliance/BSNL/Asianet (range Rs 200-300 pm How does it work throughout or night time any concession please help.In Thrissur District

  22. Hello All:

    New to ernakulam area. Looking for broadband connection in error/irumpanam area. This is around choice school area.

    Was told by BSNL that they cannot provide dsl broadband in this area. No cable line or something like that.

    Asianet also said it is not “feasible”

    My last options are tata indicom and reliable. I also heard of Airtel.

    Please suggest what is best option in irumpanam/error area?


  23. Hai guys, i want to tell u one thing seriously. From my opinion i prefer Asianet. I am from TVM. The best and the best. I had taken 475 plan. The best plan from asianet. Bcoz i just download 1Gb from a period of 15-20 mins. Night 2-8 is free unlimited. And max download speed is 750kbps. Can any of u guys can tell which provider gives that much speed ??? huh

  24. I am availing Broadband facilities in my Tel. N0. 04842701279. The net connection went dead seven days back. But it was not set right till today on 8-07-2010. As instructed by the BSNL authorities, I have contacted the Tel. No. 04842700200 several times. But the authorities, hesitated to response. This is pathetic on the part of a Govt. owned organisation

  25. Asianet is the worst Internet providers. They gave an offer that they will give the connection within 5 days. But this is the 10th Day and still I’m calling them n crying for connection. After 7 days of delay and calls they’ve put some cable into my house. After 10th day when asked for the connection they said they don’t have the modem with them n will have to wait for 3 more days. Till this day they never took a strain to give call back. THANKS & REGARDS TO ASIANET AND ITS HEADING PEOPLE!!!!!!

  26. Please advise me how i can get a usb most cheap one for the use in Laptop-Is it Reliance/BSNL/Asianet (range Rs 100-pm How does it work throughout or night time which is the best in Alapuza ( Pulikunne camPus)

  27. am looking for internt connection, nd was so into bsnl combo pack at Thopumpadi.bt am confused. Nd am having a desktop nt a laptop. So should i go for it. Or look into wat asianet or tata offrs. SOMEONE REPLY SOON.

  28. Using Reliance broadband for the past 2 years. Initially I had some problems with connectivity. Now they have installed a distribution server near my house and mine is first connection from that. So no issues even during heavy rain and thunder. Using 600Kbps unlimited @715Rs net.


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