Quit the Rat Race

The trouble with the rat race is that even if you win, you’re still a rat.

Lily Tomlin

A week ago, I quit the rat race. Now I am an freelance web developer. One week – no complaints yet.

After two years of service, I decided to leave Reubro International. I joined there around March 2005 as a Perl Developer. In the time I spend there, I learned PHP, Advanced JavaScript, Advanced CSS – even a bit about Database designing and server administration.

I will put my future plans in this blog – so wait for it.


  1. […] After my announcement about retirement from active rat racing, KSEB have begun a campaign to make me regret my decision. I can see them sitting in fancy chairs and stroking white felines saying stuff like So, Binny thinks he can escape the rat race, huh. We will show him, won’t we.<Evil laugh> Then they will turn to the nearest henchmen and say Mr. Jaws, would you mind throwing the switch?. And Jaws, never a man to turn away from challenges, goes over to the switchboard. Amid the many blinking lights on the switchboard, there will be one big red button with the words Danger! in big, bold typeface. Jaws, ignoring the sign with the ease of George Bush when he was ignoring the words of UN, pushes the button. […]

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