Cochin Boat Accident – 12 Children Dead, 10 Rescued, Search in progress

A tragic boat accident has happened at Bothathanketu Reservoir in Ernakulam District. The event took place at around 7:00 PM today(Feb 20 2007). A boat carrying 10 year old kids on a school trip capsized with around 56 people on board. 10 children have been rescued. There have been 12 confirmed deaths. The search is still going on for the rest of the victims.

As per the latest news, the navy have send divers to this location to aid in the rescue efforts.

My deepest condolences with the near and dear of all people affected by this terrible tragedy.

Note : News is sketchy at this point – and some details provided here may be wrong. I will try to update as I get more details.

UPDATE: Some links to news sites about this event…

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