Buying Digital Camera – Recommendations?


I have decided to buy a new digital camera. The old one is worse than useless – I think it has a negative mega pixel lens. If you don’t believe me, take a look at the photo I shot with it. It was a gift – so I did not expect much from it anyway.

The problem is I know nothing about Digital Cameras. So I am solicitating recommendations.

Do you guys have any recommendations? My budget is “around” 10000 Rs(or 250$). Anything good available at that range?


  1. schizo says:

    hi billy
    i guess the answer to your question lies in what you want from your camera.
    optical zoom, high megapixels, slr, macro, or whatever.

    good digital cams are avail in that range you could ask my fater he recently bought a real good one.


  2. BinnyVA says:

    Hi Schizo,
    The problem is I don’t know what to want from the camera. I know nothing about them. SLR? No idea what that means. Macro? Ditto. I know that the answers are only a search away – but I prefer taking advice from someone with some expireance.

    Anyway, which camera did your father buy?

    And, my name in Binny – not Billy 🙂

  3. schizo says:

    hi binny sorry about the typo

    well, i guess you should so some mind storming and come up with 5 reasons i want a digital camer:-)

    if you dont know why you need something you probably dont need it.

    try going through’s digital photographt guide, it tells you a lot. dont know ehch model he bought try mailing him


  4. fatso says:

    Hi Binny,
    You need max 5 mega pixels for normal usage, unless you are planning to make a big potrait.

    You can go for a Sony or Cannon Digi cam, unless you are planning to go proffessional. I have a Sony W7, which is a bit old but has very good pic quality. Ppl say Cannon is best for Digi cams and Sony for camcorders.

    You can check out the website It has got decent review on latest models available in the market. Just see the reviews section. It’s easy..

  5. Sumesh says:

    I bought a digicam recently, too. It was a Canon Digital Ixus 860IS.

    You need to understand your own needs. Do you shoot frequently? Do you need it to be small and pocketable? Do you need to print very large sizes, or just small prints and computer viewing?

    Based on these answers, I can help you in the decision.

    PS: I am from Thrissur, Kerala.

    PPS: Mail me and I’ll be glad to help you out. I love helping to decide on gadget shopping.

  6. BinnyVA says:

    Thanks for the offer – but I have bought a Camera – Cannon PowerShot A640. I think it fits my purposes.

  7. Yawar says:

    Summesh and Binny, need your advice on which one is better
    Canon Digital Ixus 860IS or
    Cannon PowerShot A640

    My preference is that i want good quality pics. I am not a professional, but i like to think of myself as one 🙂
    so i need a good digi cam to satisfy the artist in me. any suggestions?

  8. BinnyVA says:

    I like my Cannon PowerShot. It has enough features to be useful – and not too much – so it will not confuse me.

    For a beginner, its a good camara.

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