Motor Strike in Kerala

Today’s strike was a weird one – first they told us there will be strike. Then they decide not to strike. Then they decide they will have one anyway. Unlike the previous strikes that I have reported, in this there were no parallel transport – with the exception of a few state run KSRTC buses. […]

IT Expo 2006 has started

It has started – I will be manning the stall from 3:30 PM to 8:00 PM for the next two days. I was there today. So if you are reading this, come over there and say hi. I still have not looked at the other stalls – I was busy – and most of […]

IT Expo 2006 at Townhall, Cochin

IT Expo 2006 will be held at Townhall, Cochin. This event starts at November 30 and will end at December 03. If you are in Cochin, be there. The Cochin LUG, which I am a part of, will have a stall(#41) in this exhibition. The Hindu Newspaper has this to say… IT 2006 Kochi, the […]

Bus Strike is Over

After one week, the bus owners have decided that it is enough. The bus strike has been called of. As Kochuthresiamma P .J pointed out in the comments, it is very said that we had to celebrate Kerala Piravi during a bus strike. That says something.

Kerala: Strike’s own country

We are going to experience a Bus Strike from tomorrow(20th Oct 2006). Based on my previous experiences with bus strikes and hartals, this is going to be fun. I was being sarcastic, if you did’nt notice. This comes just after the Bank strike on friday. Kerala is living up to its name… Kerala: Strike’s own […]

Linux in Kerala

The role of Linux in Kerala has been in the news lately. The move to use Open Source Linux over the propriety Windows OS in public schools is creating a great deal of excitement in the net. I saw four different articles of the same story hit the front page in digg.

A Broadband Connection in Cochin, Kerala – Tata, BSNL and Asianet

I have decided to take a broadband connection after slaving so long under a dialup. I have not got it yet, but I have booked it(I have even payed for it). The connection I am taking is 128kbps, Unlimited bandwidth and unlimited time from Tata(VSNL). Since I don’t know who good the connection is, I […]

5 Reasons why Coca Cola and Pepsi was Banned in Kerala

Kerala(and Madhya Pradesh) has banned the production and sale of Coca Cola and Pepsi. Many people have suggested the reasons behind this move. The top 5 reasons advacated in the blogsphere are… 1. Coca Cola and Pepsi contain harmful pesticides. Some time ago, there was a report by the center of Science and Environment that […]