Dual Monitors – The Realization of a Dream

Ever since I had a monitor, I wanted another. Its true that I bought three other monitors after I bought my first one – but I bought the rest of the computer along with them. So I never had a chance to have two monitors for myself. That is until this Saturday.

I just bought a ViewSonic 19″ Widescreen monitor. And a nVidia 8600GT graphics card. Then I spent six hours configuring the dual monitor setup exactly as I wanted it in Linux. The easiest way to do this is to convince yourself that the way it is configured is exactly what you wanted yourself. Never think that you can enforce your views on the machine. If you have to do it, this algorithm will come in handy…

while ( result == unsatisfactory ) {
	telinit 3 (shutdown display)
	edit /etc/X11/xorg.conf (The file that configures the display in Linux)
	telinit 5 (restarts display)
	set result = unsatisfactory (The result is never what you need. Never)

It is configured in Windows as well – I did not do that – that is the work of my brother. He knows that I am not going to configure it in Windows – and he wanted to play the latest games. Bijoy’s(my brother’s name) system has nVidia 6200 – and he has started complaning that the latest games looks like radioactive white goo on his system. He is hoping that I will graciously lend my system for him to play. He is in for a rude shock one of these days >:-)

Anyway, I have started to use this dual monitor setup. There are some side effects – I have this inexplicable urge to look at the new monitor and say ‘My preciousss…’.

And, by the way, my dreams have changed. Now I want three monitors.

7 thoughts on “Dual Monitors – The Realization of a Dream

  1. Congrats on the latest setup.
    Are the viewsonic monitors are of same model or different ones(model no) also do post the images of the setup

    Good luck with the three monitors setup 😀

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