MWMs – A Dying Breed

I belong to a dying breed – within a few years, there will be none of us left. We are being killed systematically by the onslaught of technology. Yes, I am one of the few remaining MWM – a Malayalie Without a Mobile.

All my friends have deserted to the other side. Even my family is moving away. The world around me is falling into this trap – here is a graph that shows the demise of our civilization…

MWM Percentage

Just decades ago, the MWM(Malayalies Without Moblies) was at 100% – now it is at 2%-3% range. And most people in this range are babies. And they belong in this range only for a short time – from the point of birth to the point when the father hands him a cell. So, most people belong to this range for about 4 seconds.

So why not buy a mobile? Because mobiles are about connectivity – and I am not. Having a mobile chains me to any idiot who have access to a phone. Why would anyone want that? Now, if only I could take a hammer to my land phone. My family would be suspicious – so I will have to make it look like an accident. Or a suicide.

In spite of my wishes I have been exposed to over 200 hours of deadly advertisements about mobiles. Usually after this kind of exposure, the human brain shuts down – and that often results in people buying mobile phones. I am still an owner of a functioning brain(I think – therefore, I think I am) – but I don’t know how long I can hold out.

I have no illusions about my fate. Before long, I will be one of them. I will be a brainless zombie who carries his remaining brain cells in a cell phone. My only hope is that the internal strifes within the Mobile community divides them before they take over the world. Even now there is a class struggle within the Mobile owning community – two new classes have been formed. Now there is a new endangered class – Malayalies with just one mobile.

10 thoughts on “MWMs – A Dying Breed

  1. Hey Binny this is a really cool and not to mention very funny.Expect more of these from you.
    By the way try to see ‘No country for old men’ and comment on it

  2. thanks…
    as the new class “Malayalies with more than one mobile” is coming up so is their any chance of U coming to Malayalies with one mobile.

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