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We are organizing a BarCamp in Cochin. Before you get excited, let me put your mind at ease – its not that kind of a bar. There won’t be any lawyers there. What, that’s not the ‘bar’ you have in mind? No, it is not that kind of bar either.

So, why do we call it a BarCamp? That’s a funny story. You see, there was this guy called O’Reilly. He created a conference called Friends of O’Reilly – also known as the FOO Camp. The people who where not invited to that camp came together and created another camp called BarCamp. Because we geeks like the word ‘Foobar’. So foo and bar – ain’t that funny? Yes, we geeks are very funny people. Positively hilarious – that’s us. Have you heard the one about GNU? That’s one of our favorite jokes.

Sure, we could have called it Programmer camp or developer camp or something like that – but that’s not very humourous. We want things to be witty – we take our jokes very seriously.

Are you a geek?

If there is anyone in this audience who thinks that the above mentioned things are normal, then you are a geek. Congratulations! As a prize, I invite you to attend the BarCamp. That is if you are in Cochin at February 3rd. Fill out this form to register (RSS Readers may not be able to view the form).

If you are coming, please try to find me in the crowd. Finding me is easy – just ask everyone you meet wether they are a Schizophrenic – the one who says yes is me.

More information about BarCamp Kerala

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