Change in Status

George W Bush, current president of USA, leader of the free world and the butt of many jokes, have made this statement to explain the present ‘rice crisis’ aka ‘food shortage’…

…It also, however, increases demand. So, for example, just as an interesting thought for you, there are 350 million people in India who are classified as middle class. That’s bigger than America. Their middle class is larger than our entire population.

And when you start getting wealth, you start demanding better nutrition and better food, and so demand is high, and that causes the price to go up.

G W Bush.

Until now, I introduced myself like this…

Hi, I am Binny V A, a freelance web developer on the LAMP platform.

But from today, I will introduce myself as…

Hi, I am Binny V A, the leading cause of food shortage in the world.

As a middle-class Indian who eats a lot of rice, I have been ignored for so long at the global scale. But I always knew that, someday, I would get the recognition I deserved. Finally that day have arrived – Thank you, Mr. Bush!

Just to be clear, I have nothing against Bush. As a matter of fact, we share some common interests. I have cat, he have cat(called India). As a matter of fact, after some research into cats and their brain controlling abilities, I am sure that its India(the cat, not the country) who is actually ruling the US of A.

11 thoughts on “Change in Status

  1. So, I am TheAnand, leading cause of increasing crude prices in the world?

    Hope my dinner t’nite does not cause another increase in prices…..

  2. I think that George bush was complementing the economy of India when he said that .Why would anyone from India take offense to a booming economy.

  3. @jconoot
    He was complementing us. He was talking at a conference where he said due to India’s raising wealth, India is providing more opportunities to American industries.

    People are offended because…
    1) They are too lazy to look up the context.
    2) They hate Bush already – and I don’t blame them.

  4. It was indeed a complement, but blaming India for the root of all problems isn’t. its like Bush is trying to wash off his bad administration on us. but then…everyone knows the truth. 🙂

  5. LOL

    yea me … another leading cause for the Economic crisis in Us and the entire world and Oil is the secret of My energy !!!

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