LHC: A Big Letdown

I rarely do anything interesting due to my physical and mental disabilities. So what I do is wait for something interesting to happen. Along comes CERN/LHC with the possibility of the end of world. That might be interesting.

If you haven’t heard anything about this until now, shame on you. Basically a lot of scientists have been building a huge circular tunnel in Europe for 20 years so that they can smash atoms together. And along with the smash comes a small(very, very small) chance of creating a black hole and bringing about the end of the world. I would give it a 7 in my 1 to 10 Interesting scale. 9 if it manages to end the world. Of course, that’s not what the scientists are trying to do – they are searching for the Higgs particle – also called the God Particle(apparently Higgs=God). They want to see what all new particles comes out of the collusion. Yea, science!

Collisions like this happens in our Sun thousands of times every second – but does any of them do something interesting(like make a (sustainable) black hole)? Noooo. I was hoping our scientist can increase the propability of that happening by creating one of those collisions ourself.

When I am really bored, I go to barcamps, blog camps, create web apps etc. – but that’s no where near as interesting as a possible end of the world. So you can understand my expectations for this event.

Don’t get me wrong – its not like I have anything against this world. As a matter of fact, I like this planet(most of the time). I enjoy living in it(most of the time). Its just that now a days, its deadly dull. As Tyler Durden said “we are the middle child of history“.

Anyway, as you might have heard, all my expectations has been in vain – there were no collisions. Of all the things that ended the experiment, it had to be faulty wiring. If it had been a black hole, or visitors from the future, or aliens, or anything interesting, I would have been happy. But nooo. It had to be faulty wiring. Now I have to wait until 2009 to see anything this interesting – thats how long it takes to reboot LHC.

Just for the record, I am not afraid of a black hole. We have a similar(ly named) phenomena in my home town – its called the black death.

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6 thoughts on “LHC: A Big Letdown

  1. @Anna Lefler
    Even I don’t know the answer to that question. Would anything be that interesting? Maybe the end of the universe(it must be a sudden end – the eventual heat death is too slow to be interesting).

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