Photography, Cochin and Blogcamp

As with any other guy with a finger on the shutter button of a camera, I too get delusions about my artistic talent. Put a camera in my hand, and suddenly I think I am the best photographer on the planet. But the fact remains that my artistic skills are well hidden within the recesses of my mind. Very well hidden. If you need any proof, I designed this site. One anyone sees that site, they will understand the truth about my artistic capabilities – that I have none. By the way if you are a graphic designer, don’t visit that link – they have an adverse reaction to my designs. I have seen one designer drive nails into his eyes to get that image out of his head. So before you decide to visit that site, remember – once you see something, there is no way to unsee it.

The only person to say something nice about my design was, not surprisingly, my mother. When she saw the site in question, she said something to the effect of “Ooh, green. I like green.”. Diplomatic, my mother is.

Back to the point at hand – me and a camera. Its a Canon PowerShot A460 – my partner in crime. Its a good camera for its price range. But then again, what do I know – I have only had experience with this camera.

Like many other talentless hacks with cameras, I also want to inflict my “beautiful” photos on the unsuspecting public. And flickr provides the perfect opportunity for this. Lo and behold my flickr page. Its has only a few images right now – but there will be more.

I would encourage leaving comments. I have heard a lot of comments about my works in real life – I am waiting for a few comments from the virtual side. Mainly because few of the real life comments were positive. “Atrocities against art” – one of my viewers called it. But then again, what does those uncultured ruffians know about photography?


Recently, I tried to upload an image to flickr – but flickr managed to kill it totally. So I thought that I will upload it to this site…

Cochin Skyline

Click on the thumbnail(it shows only a small part of the image) to see the whole image – but be warned – its a 2 MB image – it will take some time to be downloaded. But its worth the wait – especially if you live in Cochin.

This is an example of how two wrongs make a right. My photography skills are in the negative – as is my skills with a graphic editing software. But put both together, like I did, and you get something positive. So, -10x-10 = +100. I love maths – especially now that I don’t have to study it anymore.

For those who are curious, the image was created by clicking 10 photos and manually stitching it together using GIMP.

Fine print: About the copyright for this image, its in Attributions-Share Alike Creative Commens license. So, if you want it, feel free to take the image, modify it, use it on your site, sell it, etc. But please, don’t hot link – its a 2 MB file, and I don’t want my servers stressed out because of it.


So, why suddenly, the intrest in Cochin landscape? I was always interested in Cochin – I just did not have a digital camera earlier. I have been a citizen of Cochin all my life. Citizen of Cochin – is there a better word for that? Cochiner? Kochies? No – not good enough. Yes – I got it – Kochen*. Citizens of Cochin(plural) will be Kochens. Its got a good ring to it.

Anyway, I have a renewed love for Cochin and all the Kochens in it now – I have to leave it for a day to attend Blogcamp Kerala. I am homesick already. When I reach the boat, I will be too busy being seasick to be homesick.

So, in short, I will be at Blogcamp Kerala – if any among you are attending as well, be sure to say Hi. I like to meet the people I torment.

By the way, the blogcamp is in a House boat. I like the idea. I think its to make sure that the audience don’t leave. I hear they will release piranhas into the water once they start. Piranhas and Crocodiles – crocodiles add a native touch to the arrangement. Thoughtful.

* Note: For the non malayalies in the audience, sorry about this. Its a Bi-Lingual Pun that cannot be translated easily. Only malayalies with a firm understanding of the native slang will get the joke.

16 thoughts on “Photography, Cochin and Blogcamp

  1. Ah. Nice that you’re a photography enthusiast.

    You’re a li’l over-sarcastic about yourself, aren’t you? πŸ˜€

    But nice post! And nice pics too. The camera I used for the BlogCamp also happens to be a Canon Powershot A550. πŸ˜€

  2. @Niyaz PK
    Too bad – I wanted to meet you.

    Cool. Got you to comment on my posts at last. Nice to see you here. Btw, which post did you comment on first – Im searching for that post.

  3. Hi,

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  4. LOL nice reading this. About the other site, I join your mother – its green πŸ˜€
    Yes regret missing the blog camp every other day! Maybe there will be another coming up soon πŸ™‚

  5. @Ms Cris

    Saying my other site is green is a cop-out. Its diplomatic cowardice. I want a reaction. Driving nails into one’s eyes – now that’s a reaction.

    About the blog camp – don’t worry too much – the next one will come soon.

  6. I thought it was obvious. Cause I just said its green, not saying more should ring some kind of a bell, shouldnt it? πŸ™‚
    Anyway I am less than a novice when it comes to website designs and most sites I tag pretty are often cast off ugly by better-knowing friends πŸ™‚

    Mine was one of the horriblest till someone pushed me to change it to something more easy on the eyes. I am plotting evil plans to change to my original weird design once popularity could defeat readability *grin*

  7. @Ms Cris
    > I am plotting evil plans to change to my original weird design once popularity could defeat readability *grin*
    Atleast you have an excuse for using bad designs. I dont – I am a web developer – its what I do for a living. For me to have that eye sore is bad. As in, really bad. I plan to change it some day. So far, I have failed to do it because of my disability. But some day, I’ll fix it.

    Btw, you current design is nice – I have nothing against it.

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