My Vision and Mutant Healing Powers

People who know me(and by know me, I mean know me in real life. Not know me as just another guy among the millions of semi-physcotic people in the blogsphere) know that my vision has some problems – or to be more specific, I wear glasses. Glasses has been a part of my personality for as long as I can remember – it gives off a studious/bookworm/computer geek vibe. Its mostly correct(2 out of 3 at least – I have never been considered studious by anyone. As a matter of fact, I am the most anti-school, anti-college guy I know. But that’s a post for another time.)

Anyway, why bring up the subject of glasses? Because I lost them. No, I didn’t misplace them – I don’t have to wear them anymore. I know what you are thinking – you think I got contacts, don’t you? You are wrong – no contacts for me. Lasik surgery? Wrong again. My body auto corrected my eyesight – my eyes healed themselves. If you want to put that in another way, I have Wolverine like healing powers.

If you have not seen X-Men, you probably will not understand the last sentence. Let me rephrase that for all the Heroes fans out there – I have cheerleader like powers. No – wait. That did not come out right. I have Wolverine like powers – nothing else – if you have not seen X-Men yet, well, see it.

Admittedly, it took my eyes around 14 years to heal itself – so my mutant abilities are a little different from Wolverine. He would have done the self-correcting in half a second – while I would take a little longer(14 years). So my abilities are slightly less powerful than that of Wolverine – but only slightly.

Anyway, if any of my readers are of the ‘pics or it didn’t happen‘ persuasion, I have photographic evidence. Here are the before/after pictures…

Binny's before/after Glasses

Not everyone agrees with my I-have-Wolverine-like-mutant-healing-power theory. My auntie who is a opticologist opticologer ophtalmologist optition opti eye-doctor says that it is normal. She says that if any one has Hyperopia or positive power glasses(like I did) as a child(as I was), they tend to fix themselves as the person got older. But that’s nowhere near as cool as the Wolverine theory. So, I am sticking with my ‘I am a mutant’ theory. Doctors – what do they know?

13 thoughts on “My Vision and Mutant Healing Powers

  1. My God!! I am so excited!! Finally someone else (in addition to the supreme ME, of course) also experiences the miracle of sight restoration. Call it X-Men/Mutant Ninja – uh…somehow I have to say Ninja after Mutant – Cheerleader 😀 whatever. The last few months, I too have begun to work without glasses, comrade. I am still trying to decide whether my near sight is better or far sight is better. I am far-sighted – yes – but mentally and it does not always translate to physically visually, because there, I am adequately challenged. Accounts for the fact that I always have a perpetually about-to-smile look on my face.

    Congratulations….It could happen to you, I thought….and it apparently did!! Hail Mutant Healing Ability!! Is there a business opportunity there? 🙂

    1. Business opportunity? Who cares about business opportunity? I am thinking World Domination. Now that I know that I am not alone, I am going to build an army of people with mutant healing ability and then I will take over the world! <insert evil laugh here>

      Oh and, I will call the army Mutant Ninjas in your honor. Thanks for the idea.

  2. Coincidently, my doc says I am going to have to wear glasses soon(now), did you code this blog to drain up the eye-powers of visitors and feed it into yours via a glowing green tube that beeps in red LEDs, once in a while or something? 🙁

    P.S: Is it open source? 😀

  3. hey i was also finding mutants like me .my abilities are like wildsome i can hear light voices when i get angry and i can see future dreams and my 6th sence is strong. i got physical strength too i can crack a skull with my one punch .i am not evil .u will be surprise i am just 15

  4. I want mutant healing powers too -_-

    haha 😀 awesome post! Good one with the before and after pix..

    and the “opticologist opticologer ophtalmologist optition opti eye-doctor” line reminds me of Porky Pig 😀

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