Useless Skills, Part 1: Using the Pen

When we were kids our parents, our elders and teachers lie to us about a lot of things. When we grow up the situation becomes better – only the government and the media lie to us. The lies told to us by our parents/elders/teachers are very funny – now that we have grown up and know that they where fibs. Unfortunately, not everyone finds it funny – many people become bitter and revengeful when they find their PETs(Parents/Elders/Teachers) where lying to them. Afterward they take their revenge on their own kids – by repeating the lies that where taught to them. One of my favorite lies in this category is about schooling. Somehow they managed to convince me(at least the 8 year old version of myself) that learning to write was important. You might find this hard to believe this – but there was a time when I believed that – but not anymore.

The Pen

Just to be clear, by writing I mean the ‘making of squiggly lines on paper‘. This is usually done using an instrument called a pen. I know, this is ancient history in these days when writing is all done by pressing small buttons on things like a computer keyboard or a mobile keypad or a PDA input device. The pen is not used a lot these days – it is one of those old, obsolete devices – like triangle wheels(also known as wheel 0.2) and square wheels(wheel 0.3).

A decent amount of people visit this blog – so it is statistically possible that a few members of a particularly sad portion of society sees this post. I am talking about people who know what a pen is and, God forbid, use it in a daily or a semi-daily basis. If you fall into that section, well, I have some bad news for you. I do not want to tell you this, but, your parents/teachers belong to the bitter, hateful, out-for-vengeance category. And they are taking out their frustration on you. Sorry.

Back to the regular people – so, in short, pen = very old device. My PETs actually had me convinced that my future, my career and my worth as a human being depends on how well I can use it. Funny, right?

Fascination With Pens

Pen as a Combat Weapon

Many of you have heard about the adage ‘Pen is mightier than the sword’. Apparently, in the old days, pen were often used as a melee weapon. I must admit, I am not sure how they can compete against much bigger and sharper objects – like swords. If it’s a fountain pen, you can squirt ink into the eye of your opponent, making pen a ‘slightly-long-range’ weapon. But I cannot be sure – I am not much of a pen warrior.

8 thoughts on “Useless Skills, Part 1: Using the Pen

  1. Yea, but to use the pen, you need to graduate from its predecessor called the pencil…

    as a boy, it was as close as the happiness, joy and ecstasy as to when you are allowed to wear pants to school graduating from the “ara-trousers”.

  2. I don’t know if ‘pen’ is mightier than sword, but pen can be mightier than a machine gun. 😉

    Watch _Bourne Identitiy_, the scene where Bourne goes into his house in Paris, he’s attacked with a CIA assasin with a sub-machine gun. Bourne defeats him with a pen, and throws him through the window.

    1. Well – so the pen can be used as a weapon. Nice. Before Bourne, there was Bond – he had guns concealed in pens – don’t forget that.

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