having problems…

Remember the problems with google? Right after that I notice another site with problems – The main page shows this error message… What is happening? What are you favorite conspiracy theories about these sudden outages? The tubes got flooded? American elections impact on the interwebs? I think it is Microsoft’s fault. Somehow.

Google Problems…

Google seems to be having some problems – people are getting logged out of their gtalk chat from gmail accounts. I was not able to recreate this error. But I noticed that it is taking very long for the home page( to respond. Unnaturally long. Anyway, it seems to be working fine now. And the […]

Got Tata Broadband

I got the Tata broadband connection yesterday – that was fast. I was expecting at least one week wait before getting the connection. Timeline Aug 25, Fri – Took the connection, paid for it. Aug 26, Sat – Tata phoned to confirm the address/phone number etc. Aug 27, Sun – Holiday(?) Aug 28, Mon – […]

Google Maps Updated – Cochin Included

I know that this is kinda old news for most of you – but as they say, better late than never. Google Maps have been updated. I think that Google Earth(Application) had this resolution earlier – but they only recently updated Google Maps(the online version. If you don’t know what Google Earth/Map is, it is […]

Blog Ban Lifted

The blog ban has been lifted. Indian ISPs are slowly responding to the DoT’s order that all the sites not in the provided list must be made accessable. By now most of the ISP have allowed access to the blocked sites. The good news is that it was an accident – a stupid accident, by […]