Kerala: Strike’s own country

We are going to experience a Bus Strike from tomorrow(20th Oct 2006). Based on my previous experiences with bus strikes and hartals, this is going to be fun. I was being sarcastic, if you did’nt notice.

This comes just after the Bank strike on friday. Kerala is living up to its name…

Kerala: Strike’s own country

In the news

Talks with bus operators today – Hindu


  1. yes. good name -strikes own country.

    should have thought of rechristening kerala on kerala piravi day, particularly since the 50th kerala piravi was marked by a state wide strike called by private bus owners to wrest the right to kill pedestrians!

  2. BinnyVA says:


    Anyway, as of today, the Stike is over – great news for people like me. People who depend on it for getting to work.

    Hmm… Must blog about it.

  3. […] After one week, the bus owners have decided that it is enough. The bus strike has been called of. As Kochuthresiamma P .J pointed out in the comments, it is very said that we had to celebrate Kerala Piravi during a bus strike. That says something. […]

  4. Niyaz PK says:

    If somebody don’t know, read the wikipedia entry on Kerala.


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