BarCamp Kerala Part 5

From the producers of

BlogCamp Kerala


BarCamp Kerala 1, 2, 3 and 4

comes the latest blockbuster…

BarCamp Kerala 5

“This summer, its barcamp time once again!”
BarCamp Kerala 5

The story of fifteen people(so far), with something to share, brought together by fate(or the organisers). The story of hundred and forty people(so far) who want to learn – and what they do when they where given that oppurtunity.

Coming to a Technopark near Trivandrum on May 3rdbook your seats today!


The Actors

Vishnu Gopal as the Mathamatician
Watch him achive his lifelong goal of finding the value of pi – by getting help from others.
Binny V A as the College hater
See Binny in his most contrivertial role yet. Watch him bad-mouth the college eductation – and his attempts to teach the people a better way to program
Prasand Pai as Himself
Join him in his attempt to create a compiler from scratch – using the net(aka .NET)
Kenney Jacob as the Starter
Learn the ways of a startup – from the master.
And more…
Muneef Hameed, Juwal Bose, Mark Cijo, Sultan Arun, Jayakrishnan Kurup, Shwetank Dixit, Sudhir Sreenivasan, Rajesh Venugopal, Aravind Jose and Cijo Abraham Mani


“Best in the BarCamp Kerala series – can’t wait for the next one.”

Your’s Truly

“The biggest unconference in Kerala is happening this Summer! Will you be there?”

Nuju Mohan

B4rc4mp K3r414 R0x

l33t H4x0r

“There is NO d.o.u.b.t. about that. Biggest BarCamp ever – #BCK5”

Aravind Jose

“BarCamp Kerala 5 is going to rock this time”

Kenney Jacob

“Do they have free WiFi?”

Guy with a Laptop

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