The Fool’s Day

How many of you get this? Can anyone understand the significance of the cake? ANYONE?

I love April fools day. Today I can actually speak my mind without repercussions. Everybody will assume I’m joking. This gives me a lot of… opportunities. Here is an example – below is a list of ‘statements’ about myself. I won’t say how much of this is true and how much of this is false. Let me see how much you guys know me. Take a guess and leave your comments. Make sure you say which all statements are true and which all are false.

  1. I never wrote the 10th standard board exams
  2. I have been a guest lecturer for Bio-Informatics
  3. My system has three monitors. My brothers system have two monitors. In total, there are six computer monitors at my house.
  4. I can solve the Rubik’s cube.
  5. I got 33 3/4% in the maths paper in 12th standard board exam.
  6. When I was a kid, my parents had to send me to a psychologist.
  7. I have studied my native language(Malayalam) for 10 years – but a fourth std kid can read and write Malayalam better than me.
  8. I’ve been a stand-up comedian.
  9. I never went to college
  10. I’m learning Japanese.

So, what do you think? How many are true and how many are false?

PS: Answers will be published when the day is over.

The Answers

Spoiler protection in place – press Ctrl+A to see the answers…

And the answers are… *drumroll*

Everything is true!

Yes, I know there are contradictory statements. For example, 1 and 5. Or 9 and 2. But everything is true. Some statement’s correctness is a bit of wordplay – but they are still true(for example, I did not write the 10th board exam – I got someone to write it for me).

The explanations are pretty boring – so I’m not writing them here. If you really, really need it, email me and I’ll send them to you.


  1. Hari K T says:

    1 ) False
    2 ) False
    3 ) False ( You don’t have a total of 6, I rmrbr the BCK7 😛 )
    4 ) True
    5 ) True ( I am not sure 🙁 )
    6 ) False ( I am not sure 🙂 )
    7 ) True ( May be true , for the case is similar to me lol )
    8 ) True
    9 ) True
    10 ) True ( May be 🙂 )

  2. 1 False
    2 False Unsure
    3 True
    4 True
    5 False
    6 True???
    7 True?
    8 True
    9 False
    10 True Must be

  3. njaan says:

    1 ) False
    2 ) True
    3 ) True
    4 ) True
    5 ) True
    6 ) False
    7 ) True
    8 ) True
    9 ) False.. didnt complete though
    10 ) False

  4. Syam Kumar R says:

    1. False
    2. False
    3. True
    4. True
    5. True
    6. Really?
    7. True
    8. True
    9. True
    10. True?

  5. Except No. 2 everything looks so true.

    12th standard maths has probability, and I think you are good at it, so I am not so sure about your marks, but totally possible 😀

  6. totalliemeh says:

    1)false. you joined for BCA. that means you should’ve passed 10th.
    2)True..UC. guahaha….”sir”
    3) true. your system has three monitors, that i’ve seen on pics. you have a bro? and he has two monitor? no idea.
    4)true. well, the way you talk gives that impression. 😛
    5)true. i dont know why.
    6)true. (sorry,couldn’t help saying that!):P
    7)true. have never seen you write in malayalam on twitter. taking a guess then.
    8)true.the twestival item you did was something like that no?
    9) true/false. you went, but dropped out right. so technically, you never “completed” college.
    10)true. dont you talk that over twitter? at any rate,i dont understand 50 pc of ur tweets and assume it is japaneese 😛

    ok..whats the score?

    btw-is this your normal blog?

  7. totalliemeh says:

    you never “wrote” …is that a tricky question???

  8. Marc says:

    The answer for everything is C.

    How much did I score?

  9. Vivzy says:


  10. Anitha says:

    2,4,5,6,7,9,10 True.
    Rest false

  11. Anitha says:

    9.False. U did attend. U dropped out.

  12. abel paul babu says:

    1.true coz u used a scribe
    2true guess it was @ model or cusat
    3 true..u r computer freak
    4 true i guess..
    5..i’m guessin its true
    7 so true coz i’ve never seenu use a malayalam bible
    8..lets say its false i know u went for bca

  13. Pranav says:

    3,5,6 are false.

  14. Hari K T says:

    Who is njaan ? Is it you or some one else ?

  15. OMG, Had no idea he was a guest lecturer. So everything in the list is true.

    Aa pillerude oru vidhi. A teacher comes to class and gives you 100 reasons why they should stop coming to college 😀

  16. BinnyVA says:

    Answers are posted. Results: totalliemeh and Arun Basil Lal are tied for the first place.

    Hope you enjoyed the quiz. I enjoyed making fools of you 😛

  17. YAY, I won 🙂 I knew it 😛

  18. Abhilash says:

    My system has three monitors. My brothers system have two monitors. In total, there are six computer monitors at my house.

    3+2 = 5 ? And does that mean you have three systems ?

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