Dual Monitors – The Realization of a Dream

Ever since I had a monitor, I wanted another. Its true that I bought three other monitors after I bought my first one – but I bought the rest of the computer along with them. So I never had a chance to have two monitors for myself. That is until this Saturday. I just bought […]

India is George Bush’s Pet

India is George Bush’s Pet – literally! George Bush has a pet cat with the name India! Did you know that? That is not the funny part – when people heard that George Bush has named a cat India, many people in a certain part of the India got very angry. So angry that they […]

What is Web 2.0?

We live in the Web 2.0 Generation. Fortunately or not, I am a part of it. Don’t know what Web 2.0 is? Web 2.0 is the network as platform, spanning all connected devices; Web 2.0 applications are those that make the most of the intrinsic advantages of that platform: delivering software as a continually-updated service […]

Disallow: Bedroom

How many of you guys get this joke? If you did not get the context, it refers to Street View feature in google maps

One Liners

I am a big fan of ‘one liners’ – a joke in a single line. If you want to read jokes, I recommend that you get one liners – they are a joke every line. And often they are much better than other types of jokes. Creativity is great, but plagiarism is faster. A Black […]

Climate in Kerala

All visitors to Kerala agree that there are two kinds of climates in Kerala. One is hot. Other is very hot 😉 Now is the ‘very hot’ time.

Power Struggle – Electricity, KSEB and Me

After my announcement about retirement from active rat racing, KSEB have begun a campaign to make me regret my decision. I can see them sitting in fancy chairs and stroking white felines saying stuff like So, Binny thinks he can escape the rat race, huh. We will show him, won’t we.<Evil laugh> After laughing for […]

Dance, little guys! Dance!

I was reading ‘A gamer’s Manifesto‘ when I came across this gem… Chances of that happening… Excellent. I like to think that some day the businesses of the world will wake up and realize they’re part of a greater whole, that the energy devoted to cannabalistic infighting means ultimate doom for all. The leaders of […]

1939-1945 Rock Paper Scissors Championship

Exclusive pictures of the 1939-1945 Rock Paper Scissors Championship! Source Wikipedia… 1939-1945 Championship Winston Churchill uses scissors. Hitler plays paper, ultimately forfeiting World War II