BarCamp Kerala Part 5

From the producers of BlogCamp Kerala and BarCamp Kerala 1, 2, 3 and 4 comes the latest blockbuster… BarCamp Kerala 5

About Geeks and BarCamps

We are organizing a BarCamp in Cochin. Before you get excited, let me put your mind at ease – its not that kind of a bar. There won’t be any lawyers there. What, that’s not the ‘bar’ you have in mind? No, it is not that kind of bar either. So, why do we call […] – My Seinfeld Calendar

As I said in the last post, I now have six sites. But having six sites is not enough – it must have content. To pressurize myself to create the content, I have created another site – BinnyVA basically aggregates all my feeds and shows them in a calendar. The idea is to use […] – My Sixth Site

If you have already subscribed to my Bin-Blog feed, I apologize for this post – this will be redundant for you. For those who don’t read my other blog, I have 2 things to say to you… I have a new blog/site – LinDesk(Linux on the Desktop) Subscribe to Bin-Blog site too LinDesk is created […]

Upgrading WordPress

I am going to upgrade the WordPress software used in this blog. Expect some down time. I am upgrading from 2.0.1 to 2.1.3 Since I have a lot of WordPress sites, it will be more easier to manage if I use the same version everywhere. I will let you know after the upgrade is over. […]

Gandhi Peace Foundation FOSS Seminar

The LUG that I am a member of conducted a Seminar on Free And Open Source Software Principles and Philosophies for the Gandhi Peace foundation. It was held on Saturday 7th April 2007 at Gandhi Bhavan, Kacharipaddy, Cochin. Only a few people attended – but as a result, the seminar was very interactive. We were […]

Quit the Rat Race

The trouble with the rat race is that even if you win, you’re still a rat. Lily Tomlin A week ago, I quit the rat race. Now I am an freelance web developer. One week – no complaints yet. After two years of service, I decided to leave Reubro International. I joined there around March […]

Cochin Boat Accident – 12 Children Dead, 10 Rescued, Search in progress

A tragic boat accident has happened at Bothathanketu Reservoir in Ernakulam District. The event took place at around 7:00 PM today(Feb 20 2007). A boat carrying 10 year old kids on a school trip capsized with around 56 people on board. 10 children have been rescued. There have been 12 confirmed deaths. The search is […]

IT Expo 2006 at Townhall, Cochin

IT Expo 2006 will be held at Townhall, Cochin. This event starts at November 30 and will end at December 03. If you are in Cochin, be there. The Cochin LUG, which I am a part of, will have a stall(#41) in this exhibition. The Hindu Newspaper has this to say… IT 2006 Kochi, the […]

Free Remote Version of Online Sudoku Script

The script for Online Sudoku is available for use on any website free of charge in the GPL license. Considering the fact that many people have used my script, I think it is time to make it easier for even more to use it. I will provide two different version of Online Sudoku. Code Version […]