Useless Skills Part 4: Ability to Write or Read Malayalam

In my last post I ranted about the futility of trying to spell English words. I said that English is a bad language created by morons. Before any one accuses me of being a lingual bigot, let me reassure you – I don’t have any discrimination toward any particular language. I hate all languages equally. To illustrate my point, let us take the case of my native language – Malayalam. I truly despise Malayalam.

BarCamp Kerala Part 5

From the producers of BlogCamp Kerala and BarCamp Kerala 1, 2, 3 and 4 comes the latest blockbuster… BarCamp Kerala 5

Photography, Cochin and Blogcamp

As with any other guy with a finger on the shutter button of a camera, I too get delusions about my artistic talent. Put a camera in my hand, and suddenly I think I am the best photographer on the planet. But the fact remains that my artistic skills are well hidden within the recesses of my mind. Very well hidden. If you need any proof, I designed this site.

18 Days to Darkness

For the first time in ages, I am afraid. One of my worst nightmares is coming to life. And I don’t even have time to prepare – it will hit me in 18 days. The black death. Dark ages. The darkness. These are just some of the names given to my nightmare. You might know […]

MWMs – A Dying Breed

I belong to a dying breed – within a few years, there will be none of us left. We are being killed systematically by the onslaught of technology. Yes, I am one of the few remaining MWM – a Malayalie Without a Mobile. All my friends have deserted to the other side. Even my family […]

Kerala Bloggers Interview

Kerala Bloggers is a blog about bloggers from Kerala (where you expecting something else?). They interviewed me recently. Binny VA is an expert freelance programmer from Cochin. He currently runs a lot of blogs related to technology and programming details of which you can find at his homepage. He is also an editor at DMOZ […]

India is George Bush’s Pet

India is George Bush’s Pet – literally! George Bush has a pet cat with the name India! Did you know that? That is not the funny part – when people heard that George Bush has named a cat India, many people in a certain part of the India got very angry. So angry that they […]

Climate in Kerala

All visitors to Kerala agree that there are two kinds of climates in Kerala. One is hot. Other is very hot 😉 Now is the ‘very hot’ time.

Gandhi Peace Foundation FOSS Seminar

The LUG that I am a member of conducted a Seminar on Free And Open Source Software Principles and Philosophies for the Gandhi Peace foundation. It was held on Saturday 7th April 2007 at Gandhi Bhavan, Kacharipaddy, Cochin. Only a few people attended – but as a result, the seminar was very interactive. We were […]

Cochin Boat Accident – 12 Children Dead, 10 Rescued, Search in progress

A tragic boat accident has happened at Bothathanketu Reservoir in Ernakulam District. The event took place at around 7:00 PM today(Feb 20 2007). A boat carrying 10 year old kids on a school trip capsized with around 56 people on board. 10 children have been rescued. There have been 12 confirmed deaths. The search is […]