Mysterious Disappearance

Some time ago, I was chatting with a friend of mine, Midhun, who is a major Math geek, when I had to leave for some minor emergency which I no longer remember. This is the result…

The Fool’s Day

I love April fools day. Today I can actually speak my mind without repercussions. Everybody will assume I’m joking. This gives me a lot of… opportunities.

Two to Three

Ever since I had two monitors, I wanted another. Well, it happened. I’m now a proud owner of a triple head system.

Useless Skills, Part 1: Using the Pen

When we were kids our parents, our elders and teachers lie to us about a lot of things. When we grow up the situation becomes better – only the government and the media lie to us. The lies told to us by our parents/elders/teachers are very funny – now that we have grown up and know that they where fibs. Unfortunately, not everyone finds it funny – many people become bitter and revengeful when they find their PETs(Parents/Elders/Teachers) where lying to them. Afterward they take their revenge on their own kids – by repeating the lies that where taught to them. One of my favorite lies in this category is about schooling. Somehow they managed to convince me(at least the 8 year old version of myself) that learning to write was important. You might find this hard to believe this – but there was a time when I believed that – but not anymore.

My Vision and Mutant Healing Powers

People who know me(and by know me, I mean know me in real life. Not know me as just another guy among the millions of semi-physcotic people in the blogsphere) know that my vision has some problems – or to be more specific, I wear glasses. Glasses has been a part of my personality for as long as I can remember – it gives off a studious/bookworm/computer geek vibe. Its mostly correct(2 out of 3 at least – I have never been considered studious by anyone. As a matter of fact, I am the most anti-school, anti-college guy I know. But that’s a post for another time.)

18 Days to Darkness

For the first time in ages, I am afraid. One of my worst nightmares is coming to life. And I don’t even have time to prepare – it will hit me in 18 days. The black death. Dark ages. The darkness. These are just some of the names given to my nightmare. You might know […]

About Geeks and BarCamps

We are organizing a BarCamp in Cochin. Before you get excited, let me put your mind at ease – its not that kind of a bar. There won’t be any lawyers there. What, that’s not the ‘bar’ you have in mind? No, it is not that kind of bar either. So, why do we call […]

Interest Based Priority Arrangement System

I have a condition. It prevents me from doing a lot of physical activities. People closest to me know about my condition – and now I want to share it with you. I have a condition – its called laziness. I don’t like the term lazy – it has a negative connotation. I prefer the […]

Look, a snake!

We had a run in with a snake a couple of days ago. By ‘snake’ I meant a real snake – not a lawyer(thank goodness for that). Anyway, we have a zero tolerance policy towards snakes.

Dual Monitors – The Realization of a Dream

Ever since I had a monitor, I wanted another. Its true that I bought three other monitors after I bought my first one – but I bought the rest of the computer along with them. So I never had a chance to have two monitors for myself. That is until this Saturday. I just bought […]